Imagination is power of competitive.

We imagine happy products.
We hope that the valuable products that our imagination makes will help people.
The world we dream of is a world where people are happy.

We will be with you as a product that is loved for a long time with good reputation.



The establishment of a company


Patent application : Lifting ampoule

OEM product supply : GOUE


Brand launching : DA99

Patent application : Adsorption sponge for cleansing

2015 ~up to now

Pioneering domestic and overseas markets

  • China

  • Mexico

  • Japan

  • Thailand

  • Philippine: Exclusive distributor

  • Russia

  • USA

  • Taiwan

  • Indonesia: Exclusive distributor

NAMUTREE & NTRADE INC  |  12, Jangchoongdanro8na-Gil, Joong-Gu, Seoul, Korea   |  T.+82-2-2277-7652  F.+82-2-6499-1634

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