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Anti-aging & Early anti-aging

Skin tone & texture
Clear skin

Dead skin
Fine & deep wrinkles


Skin Concerns / Female & Male
Fine Lines/Wrinkles

All Skin Types
Dry Skin
Normal Skin
Oily Skin
Combination Skin


How to use

1. Wash face clean and don't apply anything.

2. The mask pouch flat and shake it to spread the essence evenly.

3. Open the pouch, take out the mask, and position the eyes, nose, and mouth to adhere to the face.

4. After use, apply the remaining essence in the pouch to the neck.

5. After about 20 minutes, remove the sheet, tap it to absorb to skin, and sleep without applying anything.

    (If the feeling of use interferes with sleep, take care of skin as usual after washing.)

6. The next day, wash the remaining lifting membrane residue off the skin and take care of the skin as usual.

If the lifting membrane remaining not washed clean, it may look like dead skin.

※ If have allergic, use it after a skin test.  ※ Do not apply other cosmetics together.

※ Double up Mask-pack is more effective when used with DA99 lifting ampoule, a product used once a week.

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1. The displayed price doesn't include international shipping costs. Please check the international shipping cost when making payment.
2. Depending on the customs policy of each country, taxes may be levied upon customs clearance of the product.
3. In some countries, customs clearance may be refused depending on the customs policy of that country, and the orderer in that country is responsible for resolving the issue. If the problem is not resolved by the orderer, the product may be discarded by local customs authorities.



  • 23ml X 5 face sheets

    Mask sheet type

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