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First of all,
Thank you for your visit.

I hopes to be a win-win partner in success with you.


Human lifespan has increased dramatically.

Many people want to live a young and healthy life with extend their lifespan.

In 2013, Dream Aesthetics started by developing products that help maintain young and healthy skin based on anti-aging technology.

As our first product, we opened a new era of lifting cosmetics in Korea with our amazing product “Melting Thread Lifting Ampoule” that provides an immediate lifting effect.

Since then, Dream Esthetics has been steadily developing new and surprising products that no one has thought of, ranging from lifting mask packs, lifting eye creams, lifting skin toners, tightening serums, and innovative men's all-in-ones.

​Dream Esthetics will continue to strive to develop products that will help human live a better life.


​"The aesthetic solution everyone dreams of"

"Customer Satisfaction Index"


Our mission is “Dream aesthetic solutions that satisfy 99% of customers.”


Lifting cosmetics DA99,
Premium anti-aging cosmetics DA99 THE BLACK,​
We have the innovative men's all-in-one DAMAN.

Anti-aging cosmetics that grow alongwith the extension of human lifespan.

Dream Aesthetics fights against aging.

As life expectancy increases, the need for wrinkle-free skin that makes people in their 50s and 60s look 10 years younger is increasing. In particular, the higher the income level, the stronger the desire.
Dream Aesthetics is developing cosmetics that are safe and helpful for skin health based on naturally derived ingredients.

Elastic skin helps you maintain a confident mentality.

​People with skin that looks younger than their actual age gain confidence and vitality.
Dream Esthetics is a product that improves wrinkles and helps restore skin elasticity, helping people have a confident mentality without fear of aging.
Ultimately, we will develop into an anti-aging company that helps people lead young and healthy lives.



We use natural ingredients derived from nature.
It is based on traditional Oriental medicine that respects nature.
We use safe ingredients that are harmless to the human body.


We aim for eco-friendly packages that protect nature.
Our products are made from recyclable glass, plastic, and paper boxes.
We are working hard to develop technology to ensure that it is a 100% complete Eco-Frendly product.


We will maintain reasonable retail prices and a competitive supply price policy.
We will respect our partners’ opinions and protect our sellers’ rights and interests.
We will develop and win-win through a long-term partnership.
We will continue to maintain competitiveness by upgrading our products.
We will continue to launch competitive new products by understanding customer needs in advance.


Θα θέλατε να γίνετε συνεργάτης μας;

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