Aqua wash without soap

Itself adsorption

function sponge

Completely adsorb the pigment and remove it.

The product itself has a powerful function to adsorb harmful substances.

Patent Manufacturing method of natural sponge for cleansing a skin and natural sponge manufactured by the same

Natural aqua facial & body wash

skin care solution 


  • Pure substance: 100% natural dietary fiber

  • Absorption of hazardous substances

  • No chemicals

  • No preservatives

  • Non-fluorescent brightening agent

Aqua wash

Wet, Rub, Wash and Store


✔  It becomes soft when put in warm water.
✔  Massage the skin gently with aqua wash .
✔  Wash used products clean.
✔ Store in a well-ventilated place or container.

Using period: 3 weeks from the first date of use.
Product shelf life: 10 years from the date of manufacture

Unnecessary things due to aqua wash

Don't need to use showers, bathtubs, soap, and cleansing shampoos.

With out soap,
In wet and rubbing massage it, skin cleansing ends!

for Baby skin

an easy baby bath

for Healthy skin

Aqua wash without irritation

Stop skin irritation caused by surfactants!

for sensitive skin
Skin immunity is strengthened
Healthy skin is not sensitive
for people with limited mobility
Convenient use, improved skin hygiene
Hospitals, nursing homes, patient hygiene products
It helps with water shortage
Useful for personal hygiene
relief goods

More than a million pcs a year,
looking for someone with a distribution platform

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Let's make success together.

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